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Senior Software Engineer, Laravel

Loop Returns

Loop Returns

Software Engineering
Posted on Wednesday, March 13, 2024
The Engineering Team at Loop is a balance of agility, consistency, and performance. These are the pillars that allow the team to constantly and consistently deliver value that matters to customers. That customer intimacy is what allows our engineering teams to be the best in our space, and bring the best ideas to the market.
Right away, we’ve listed what we think you’ll be spending your time on. We’re growing fast, and growth means the challenges we’ll work on together will change as we lead Loop through new and different phases.
This is an indispensable role with us, so we’ll be looking for you to have examples of when you’ve tackled these challenges throughout your career. We’ve laid out the experience we think is important to set you up for success in this role. But, we appreciate that different humans will solve problems in different ways, so we don’t expect you to fit exactly in a box of requirements.
At Loop, we believe that flexibility and choice are what allow you to do your best work. With our Blended Working Environment, you have options ranging from joining our HQ office (in Columbus, Ohio), opting into a Hub (a location with 4+ team members), or staying totally secluded (our version of remote). Our team is spread across the United States, select provinces in Canada (Ontario & British Columbia), and the United Kingdom. Wherever you live, you can create the work environment that best matches your preferences and lifestyle.
Our Tech Stack:
While we use certain core technologies at Loop, the exact tech stack each team uses varies. To give you an idea of what you might work with should you join us, here are some examples: Vue.js, PHP8/Laravel10, Node.js, AWS Lambda, MySQL, DynamoDB, Docker, AWS Cloud, Serverless Framework, Atlassian.

Challenge: Contribute while leading to build the best ecommerce post-purchase platform in the market

  • Design, build and maintain web applications, APIs and lambdas for the Loop product line.
  • Solve complex technical issues for our merchants and our partners, and care most about giving them an exceptional experience.

Your experience:

  • 7+ years experience of software engineering experience, specifically having experience with PHP 8 / Laravel 10, AWS Serverless (and we use Vue.JS on the front-end, too).
  • Working in Shopify's ecosystem is a huge plus for us.
  • You have significant web development experience using modern tooling.
  • Demonstrated hands-on experience building web applications and APIs.

Challenge: Guide and solidify the engineering practices that Loop needs to be successful, with a focus on scalability, repeatability and reliability

  • Develop solid automated unit and integration tests.
  • Maintain a healthy, continuous integration/deployment process.
  • Lead, assess, and make recommendations as to what our best practices should be so we scale effectively, and advocate for these with the engineering team.

Your experience:

  • Have led and participated in effective testing processes on previous teams, and have opinions about how to create a quality-driven development process.
  • Worked in environments that had continuous integration/deployment, and had a hand in scaling those processes.
  • Can share examples of how you have practiced test driven and behavior driven development, and how you’ve advocated for the practices with the rest of your team.
  • You have worked and thrive in an agile development environment and can speak to the principles of agility, as well as the specific tactics you employed.
  • If you’ve worked closely with product managers, designers and user experience experts, that’s a plus for us.

Challenge: Elevate the engineering culture at Loop

  • You should show great empathy towards your teammates and support them as humans that show up each day, to ensure that everyone can bring their best, most authentic selves and feel fulfilled at work.
  • You should be intellectually curious, and always be on the lookout for opportunities to learn, grow and level up.
  • You should have a strong excellence reflex and bias for action. You leave things better than you find them, and don’t wait for permission to address real problems.
  • You feel a strong sense of ownership over your work, where it’s going and why it’s important.
  • You can appreciate the balance between collaboration, consensus, and empathy, yet understand that sometimes there needs to be a bias for action based decision making that you must align yourself with.
  • You can step up to lead initiatives, even when it makes you scared.

Your experience:

  • You know the kind of team you thrive on, and can speak of the best teams you’ve been a part of and what made it so great.
  • You can speak to the times in your career when you experienced rapid growth, know your learning style well and how to maximize what you get out of each project you take on.
  • You have examples of having crucial conversations, such as giving feedback to a boss, customer or peer, admitting a mistake with humility and vulnerability.
  • You can speak to the times you left things better than you found them, and negotiated with your team and stakeholders over doing things differently and how it helped.
  • You have examples of times when a team decision didn’t go the way you wanted, but you still were able to fully commit to the direction and drive progress.
  • You know what it’s like to stretch yourself beyond what you think you can do, and have stories to share about when you went beyond and succeeded and when you tried and failed.
In a perfect world, Loop wouldn't exist. If we had our way, we'd live in a world where we're mindful about how we consume, we love every product we own, and we share values with the brands who create them. In reality, commerce isn't perfect and often breaks. Loop creates second chances.
We're starting by revolutionizing the post-purchase experience. We've taken one of the most fragile commerce interactions - returns - and turned it into something consumers actually love, and that deepens our connection to brands and products.
We take connection seriously on the inside, too. We're building a work experience that allows you to Be A Human First and prioritizes empathy and wellbeing. We view Loop as a special place in your career to shape the future of an industry and become a better person while doing it. You can grow faster here in a shorter amount of time - we'll give you space and trust you to fill it.
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