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AI Senior Engineer (LLM)



Software Engineering, Data Science
Posted on Tuesday, July 4, 2023
The average American has over $90,000 in household debt. While Fintech lenders and for-profit banks are happy to issue high interest loans to consumers, Credit Unions have quietly existed as not for profit lenders that offer lower cost loans.
Clutch develops software to turn Credit Unions into FinTech lenders and leverage their balance sheets to responsibly lend to over 130M Americans. We’re seeking a Senior Engineer to join our Product Experimentation team to ensure Credit Unions are successful at utilizing our software in order to make borrowing less costly for the average American.
The Product Experimentation team will report directly to the CPO and be responsible for working on cutting edge applications of Large Language Models for enabling more efficient lending and financial products. Also will explore other use cases of cutting edge technology applications
The AI Engineer will have a huge degree of autonomy in deciding how to build out the new application layers and will be directly responsible for product experimentation, technology selection, and product feedback.

What you'll be responsible for:

  • Rapidly Learn, and Recommend New and Developing Technologies:
  • Lending and financial services technologies have a lot to gain from Large Language models and more human interactions than traditional finance products.
  • We expect the applicant to continuously learn about the latest developments in LLM infrastructure and capabilities in order to offer frontier products.The ideal applicant would be proactive about which technological applicants can solve internal operational or customer facing challenges.
  • Select New Technologies and Infrastructure for Proof of Concepts:
  • Identify which technologies might best serve our client needs to “minimize workload for lending”.
  • Have a cost conscious mindset given current cost constraints for LLM compute intensity and balance quality of outcome with responsiveness and cost efficiency
  • Ensure that infrastructure selection allows easily scaling up potential concepts and still complies with SOCII standards
  • Oversee End to End Pilot Programs with Clients (net retention):
  • A core to these experimental technologies is being able to quickly identify which pathways have promising paths forward and which might result in dead ends.
  • Being able to rapidly move from product concept to demonstrable proof of concept will be key.
  • Work with product and engineering teams to identify additional scope and any current shortfalls through interactions with pilot customers.
  • Rapidly refining software from “80 to 100%” will be a requirement to move from concept to production level code.
  • Taking “Concept” into a fully launched MVP with 1-5 clients:
  • The applicant will be responsible for internalizing “cient specific” requests and discerning how to make the applications more generalizable across a larger client subset.

What we expect from you

  • A track record of rapid and reliable software development
  • An initial familiarity with large language models and potential applications (e.g. GPT, Llama, Bert).
  • An ability to self-teach and learn new technologies and data applications
  • A high familiarity with data pipelines and measurement
  • An ability to develop trusted relationships with C-level bank and Credit Union executives
  • An understanding of lending and debt products, internal lending processes, bank operations and the corresponding software stack (LOS, Core, and Online banking systems).
  • Capable of building customer relationships with high levels of trust, wide ranging subject matter expertise, and commitment to delivering results
  • Organized profile (ability to manage different Credit Union information and stages)
  • Deep customer empathy and the ability to translate customer feedback into product requests (as well as the ability to discern what doesn’t need to be built)

What is in Clutch for me?

  • Challenge of building a platform with multiple integrations with companies from the financial sector to support our client needs
  • Real autonomy and flexibility
  • Compelling compensation package (base salary plus Equity and 30 days of paid time off)
  • International colleagues and markets: learn with the best talents from Brazil, Argentina, USA and Germany, in an easygoing way
  • The experience of working with who understand the problem space and startup market well. Our founders, Nicholas Hinrichsen and Chris Coleman met at Stanford Business School in 2011 and have had a previous exit to Carvana.